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Author: Alexandre Delattre
Date: 23/04/08


PocketPyGui is a native GUI toolkit for PythonCE, it is an 'almost from scratch' rewrite of the VensterCE toolkit with a brand new API.

Indeed, even knowing a bit the Win32 API from a C++ point of view, I found tiresome to always do the same low-level stuff for simple GUIs and to always have to look in MSDN for some Win32 API reference.

Besides, even if I did write a tutorial for it, I admit it is quite difficult to get in VensterCE for a python dev without Win32 API experience. The lack of API docs for VensterCE was not a problem for ones used to dig in MSDN, but was a pain for all others.

Anyway, porting Venster to WinCE was a good experience as I learned a lot from it, and it was my first open-source contribution.

So I decided to take the good stuff of VensterCE (native, ligthweight and pure python library) and create a toolkit by python developers for python developers.

The major features of PocketPyGui are:

  • Rich common-controls library (almost all VensterCE widgets supported and more). with pythonic APIs (i.e. zero knowledge of Win32 API).
  • Transparent event-handling: you associate gui events to your callbacks, and ppygui will call them at the right time.
  • Flexible layout system: ppygui revamps the VensterCE layout system and you can now let ppygui compute the size of your controls based on their contents and fonts.
  • Automatic unicode coercion: you can use raw and unicode strings.


Archive contents

Ppygui will come in three packages:



PocketPyGui documentation is splitted in:


You can post your questions/suggestions on the ppygui sourceforge forum page (http://sf.net/projects/ppygui).


PocketPyGui is released under the BSD License. Samples and 3rd party apps shipped with PocketPyGui are subject to their own licenses.


Special Thanks to Mirko "D@ten" Vogt.